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LTAHA Convention Schedule
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Alexander State Forest W.M.A.
661 Robinson Bridge Rd.
Woodworth, LA 71490

8:00 am: Meet and greet.
8:30 am: Skunk demo Trent Cardin
9:30 am: Clint Johnson Coyote snaring
10:00 am: Youth education demo Wesley Blanchard
10:30 am: Steve Hughes Beaver demo
11:30 am: Lunch
12:30 pm: General meeting and vote for board members
1:30 pm: Board meeting and seating of officers
1:30 pm: Youth Education Wesley Blanchard and Quinton Morris
2:00 pm: Beaver speed skinning contest. 
3:00 pm: Silent Auction ends Live auction begins. 


Click Here for the full PDF version of the Trapping Pamphlet:.
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The following animals are classified as furbearers: beaver, bobcat, coyote, gray
fox, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, river otter, red fox, raccoon and skunk.
2013-2014 SEASON

The trapping season will open STATEWIDE on November 20, 2013, and will
close March 31, 2014. Trapping season on management (See management
areas in the link above.)