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Fur Educational Materials Provided by the
Fur Information Council of America

  • Always hang furs on broad shoulder hangers. Wire hangers strain the shoulder seams and will cause the leather to stretch.
  • If it gets wet, don't panic. Most furs can easily handle light rain and snow. Shake it out and allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat and light.
  • Don't comb or brush your furs.
  • Don't store furs in bright light.
  • Don't store furs in plastic. This will cause the leather to dry out.
  • Cover with cotton or silk to protect the furs from dust and light during storage.
  • Allow enough room in your closet to hang your furs without crushing them.
  • Don't pin flowers or jewelry on your furs.
  • Don't store furs in a cedar chest. The smell will remain with the furs.
  • Keep furs away from the chemicals in perfume, hairspray, and moth balls.
  • Cover your car seats with a natural fiber, such as cotton. Synthetic fibers cause friction, which will wear on your furs.
  • To reduce stress on the fur while traveling, unfasten your garmet.
  • Don't consistently wear a shoulder bag with a fur coat.
  • Absorb spilled alcohol immediately. Alcohol destroys the leather and hairs of furs.
  • Have your furs professionally cleaned once a year.
  • Store in cold fur storage during the summer.