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Click here for a PowerPoint explaining possession tags, shipping tags, CITES tags, out of state and international shipping procedures.

Steps to obtaining Possession and CITES tags:

Shipping out of state: Shipping Tags Severance Tax

  1.  When shipping any of the following out of state, there must be a shipping tag attached:
    *Muskrat * Nutria *Opossum 
    *Raccoon *Mink   *Beaver 
    *Red Fox   *Grey Fox *Otter
    *Bobcat  *Skunk *Other
  2. Shipping tags can be obtained in the same manner as possession tags, by requesting them in person, by mail, phone or email. 
  3. Similar to the CITES tags, shipping tags are issued specifically to the requesting trapper and are NOT transferable.   
  4. The top portion of the shipping tag must be attached to the pelt or bag containing pelts.
  5. The bottom portion of the shipping tag must be returned to LDWF New Iberia Office with the exact payment for the severance tax.
  6. Return the tag with the Exact Severance Tax Payment to:

    Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries              
    Attention: Alicia Holden
    Darnall Rd     
    New Iberia, LA 70560
  7. Please be aware that the process of receiving possession and CITES tags takes approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on USPS. Do not wait till the day before shipping fur to request tags. The only way same day tags are issued is in person at the New Iberia Office.
  8. Any unused/damaged CITES and shipping tags should be returned to LDWF at the end of the season.
  9. Any lost CITES and shipping tags should be reported to LDWF.
  10. Please contact the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries during normal business hours with any questions:

    Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
    Crystal Brothers, Jennifer Manuel, or Edmond Mouton
    2415 Darnall Road  New Iberia, LA 70560
    Phone: (337) 373-0032                           

Shipping Furs Overseas

General FAQ’s can be found here:

First you must obtain a shipping license from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This can be done by filling out form 3-200-3 and paying the fee. This can take several weeks to process.

The form can be found here:

Shipments must be sent through a designated port. The nearest port is New Orleans. The contact information is below. You may contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife office at the ports ahead of time to ensure you have your paperwork in order. 

New Orleans, LA
2424 Edenborn, Room 100
Metairie, Louisiana  70001
Phone: (504) 219-8870   

Other ports with their contact information are listed at:

All shipments containing wildlife parts (fur or other) must be declared and then cleared with the USFWS port office using form 3-177.

These forms (primary form, continuation page, and instructions) can be found here:

If you are shipping a CITES animal (bobcat or otter) you must also have form 3-200-26 filled out with your CITES tag information. CITES tags are issued from LDWF at our New Iberia Field Office, please call 337-373-0032. Cites tags and form 3-200-26 are both required for shipping CITES animals. Some ports may require you to pack your CITES animals separately from your other furs.

Form 3-200-26 can be found at:

*Ensure you have the proper paperwork for the country you are exporting to.

Please contact USFWS during normal business hours at the below contact information with any questions:

Wildlife Inspector
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement
2424 Edenborn Ave. Suite 100
Metairie, LA 70001
504 219 8870 x201