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Procedure for Cleaning Skulls


1. Clean all soft tissue off skull, as much as you can easily remove by cutting with scissors. Also remove brain with a wire loop.

2. Put skull in a box with wood shavings or other loose material to create a dermestid beetle colony. If you keep adding skulls from time to time, beetle numbers will grow. Put the box in a safe place such as an attic.

3. After the beetles have cleaned the skull, soak it in household ammonia for 1-2 days to remove blood from the bone.

4. After ammonia soak, rinse and soak in plain water for one day. Any longer may weaken the joints between the bones of the skull because of bacterial action.

5. Next is the chlorine scrub. Use Chlorox bleach and a soft brush to remove any remaining tissue. Do not soak... brief exposure for scrubbing only.

6. Rinse and degrease by immersing overnight in carbon tetrachloride or methylchloride. Both are difficult to get. Avoid grease layer when removing skull from bath.

7. Soak in peroxide 2-3 days and allow to dry.